Magical Investment

Those who know me know that i have spent a fair amount of money on cards, but not for magic tricks, but for Magic: The Gathering. So when I decided to invest in a good set of cards, the thought of getting 52 cards for less than five dollars is rather unheard of for me.

At this point, I feel like I have learned (or are in the process of learning) enough tricks that learning more would get in the way of the tricks I was already practicing. And so this week i decided to take a different route.

Videos are great, but they are not all that the internet has to offer. One thing you can do on the internet is just ask questions to the void. Better yet, chances are, as long as your question isn’t too obscure, someone has already asked it, so that’s what I consulted to find the best deck of cards for card tricks.

I found an informative response by Bhavesh Aggarwal on

Bhavesh is a hobby close up magician, and in his answer suggested the Bicycle Rider Back Index Playing Cards for a myriad of reasons.

  1. The “air cushion finish” makes the cards glide nicely.
  2. “they’re tacky enough to do various sleights and otherwise impressive moves like a one handed cut without lack of traction destroying the alignment of your card stack(s)”
  3.  They are CHEAP. If you do magic lots, or do tricks where you sign a card, you will be going through plenty of decks, so economic options are important.

I have ordered the recommended cards and will write a follow-up post with my own opinion of the cards after they arrive.

See you next time!


3 thoughts on “Magical Investment

  1. When I was in high school I used to know a few card tricks, and this was always the brand that we had laying around. I loved using them because they slide just the right amount and feel good in your hand. But I found them to be quite slippery when we would open a new deck. I think that you will like these cards for the purpose of magic tricks.
    I look forward to seeing some tricks in the near future!!


  2. Hi Jonah,

    I found your blog post this week to be very interesting. Personally, all of my decks of cards have either come from the dollar store or simply appeared(I’m guessing they used to belong to my grandparents). For my purposes of playing basic card games, they do the trick but it makes sense that for magic purposes some cards would work better than others. Hopefully, your research pays off and you are happy with your cards when they arrive.


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