Not Exactly the Truffle Shuffle.

I walked into my third week of this project feeling really confident. I had played around with the tricks i was learning more and more, and even managed to fool some kids at a school I worked at this week.

While watching some magic tricks on youtube, I came across a move not designed to fool, simply to impress. The One handed shuffle. And so I began to practice. Again using a video by content creator 52Kards I began to practice, and practice, and practice some more. It became quickly apparent that this trick is for the more advanced learners, as i have picked up the equivalent of hundreds of cards as I try to learn. I am getting closer but am still miles away.

I am not disheartened, (the look on my face at the end of th GIF isn’t helping my case), but rather looking forward to the day that I can actually do this trick. I feel it will segway tricks together nicely, as well as give me a impression based advantage at card nights.

If I do ever compile a repertoire of magic tricks, I feel like this moment will serve as a landmark of my journey.

Well that wraps this one up, off to pick up more cards…


3 thoughts on “Not Exactly the Truffle Shuffle.

  1. Hi Jonah,
    I love the GIF, haha it is a great visual addition to make your blog post exciting! Glad to see you are maintaining positive spirits despite showing some difficulty, all good things take time and come with practice, Keep up the awesome effort!


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