The Elusive Blue-Breasted Tweeter

Twitter has always been my achilles heel when it comes to social media. Before class use, I pretty much only used it for entering contests or submitting my name for giveaways. Though i feel i am getting better, there is much to learn.

I have yet to successfully participate in a twitter chat, but the concept intrigues me. After looking and reviewing some of the ones that have passed, my opinion on the format is mixed. On one hand, the medium allows for anyone and everyone to participate in a discussion, but on the other, it seems like many peoples voices get washed out.

I will be attempting to participate in the #EdChat tonight at 6 PM to see if more experience helps me understand the medium more.

After-thought: Do people use this format for discussions that are not ed related?


The Next Day:

After participating in the #Edchat on Tuesday night I have come to a few conclusions.

  1. Twitter chats are a nice way for people to share their opinions.
  2. A chat is only as successful as its moderation.
  3. Reasons why are far more prevalent than steps as to how.

I will participate in such a chat again but my expectations will be very different. at times it felt good, I even shared a few posts back and forth with some users, but at other times it felt like a full room of people with bullhorns.

I am interested to find other chats about education and other topics.


2 thoughts on “The Elusive Blue-Breasted Tweeter

  1. I came across a few twitter chats, that were centered around topics outside of education, while I was trying to find one to participate in. If you google twitter chats, several different sites come up with lists of options.


  2. I have to say I feel for you on quite a few points. Twitter is a completely new resource to me as well because in the past I have honestly been kind of scared of the limitations and format (I like to talk. I can’t help it). However, it has quickly grown on me once I started posting the kind of content I would like to see and started coming across people I like, then following by example. I really like the tweets you post because they make me think and are a change in pace from the usual articles crossing my timeline.

    I have to say your final conclusions about Twitter chats are valid. While I have only participated in one chat myself, I can see how a poor moderator could result in chaos. As well, I think Twitter chats don’t really allow for a ‘this is how it’s done’ kind of format. it’s like everyone just… knows how? But I found that likes are given graciously! And reviewing the responses after, instead of all at once is a good way to feel like your participating, while being able to pick and choose who you’re talking to, in order to avoid the ‘bullhorns’.


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