Curating the News

The year is 1999. The internet exists, but no one could possibly predict the grasp the internet would have on the daily lives of so many people on this little blue dot. Since the creation of the internet, the world has become smaller, much in the same way it did when postal services were built. Instant communication is now possible with peoples all around the planet. Face to face conversations can happen between family members and friends from the comfort of their home. Education classes can be taken online. But something else has come from the internet, a barrage of information.

I never really considered myself much of a news-watcher. I research when the moment calls for it, but prefer to let information come to me through my chosen medias. This week however, with Feedly, I have begun to enjoy news again. By being able to curate the types of things I see, the website allows me to share a closer relationship with the things i am reading. I find Twitter cumbersome, but Feedly has proven to be much more my speed.

On day one of using Feedly, i began by following pages and sources related to my career path, an education technology blog here, a social justice one there, TED-everything. All the things i figured were important for the class to which i was using the site for. But something changed on day 2.

Day two began much like any other homework focused day in that I reluctantly opened up all of the tabs and books that I would need, and then proceeded to goof around for 10 minutes. My primary hobby is Magic the Gathering (if you don’t know what that is, I would be more than happy to gush, but this isn’t the place for that), and so out of curiosity i decided to punch that into the search bar on Feedly. Not only was content available for Magic players, but many if not all of the resources I use for it were right there, in a nicely organized list. It was then that i really began to see the benefit of services like Feedly. Here, i was able to view everything i wanted to for work, social, and play without compromising one over the other. When i got tired of one, i could quickly take a break without becoming too distracted by other media pages.

One feed i really found to be cool and different in the world of education is the Discovery Education feed. On it, one can find everything from links to lesson ideas to current events related to education.

Edtech 4 Beginners is another great resource, laying out ways for beginners (like me) to start grasping using technology effectively in a classroom.

Above you can see the new “barrage” of information i have begun to bring upon myself. Education and its use of technology is an interest of mine, and having resources for it mixed in with resources for other parts of my life makes it very easy to get lost in (in a good way) as my mind wanders and I go down internet rabbit holes.


3 thoughts on “Curating the News

  1. Hey Jonah,
    I to started using Feedly for EDTC400, ( I took 300 from a different prof and never had to use twitter) and I LOVE it!!! It saves so much time!! If I had to search for all of this great info every day, I wouldn’t be so motivated to meet my tweet goal every day. Another great thing I’ve done, is put both Twitter and Feedly on my phone, so when I’m bored at Uni i can do my tweets instead of playing on Facebook, therefore being way more productive with my time.
    A few Feedly sources that i would recommend are
    -Cool Cat Teacher
    -Free Technology for Teachers
    -Classroom Games and Tech
    These sources give some really good tid bits that I would never think of, because I’m by no means super techy. I also have a few good science ones if you are a nerd like me.

    Great post, i look forward to reading more through out the semester


  2. Hi Jonah,

    Excellent job coming up with creative titles for your blog posts (they always immediately catch my interest) and adding hyperlinks when possible – two small details that truly make a blog post unique in comparison to other pieces of writing. I am glad to hear you see the value in Feedly as it is an awesome source to generate news that directly interests you. Try not to do too much procrastinating on the platform 😉 and keep up the awesome blogging!
    – Kendall


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