Cards, CARDS, CARDS!!!!

Cards are nothing new to me. As an avid Magic The Gathering player (a super nerdy, super awesome game, I highly recommend it), card shaped pieces of cardboard are in my hands more than the average person. That being said, my hands are far from dextrous, and so when I decided to learn the first piece of hundreds of card tricks, the Double Lift, I was wary of my ability to control my fingers.

I’ll begin with a brief description of the move. The Double Flip is a pretty standard move in which you make the audience believe you are taking one card, when you actually take two. This allows you to use one of those cards as a diversion while you manipulate the other one, usually having that one be the card chosen by your audience.

As with last week, I consulted Youtube to begin learning the move. This video by content creator 52Kards gave a great start to learning the trick effectively.

I noticed a few things immediately:

  1. Big fingers are not an asset, I found manipulating cards difficult due to the diameter of my fingers.
  2. Practice makes perfect, The video said that, while simple, this move would take awhile to learn. They were right.
  3. It is satisfying to do the move right, and can even fool yourself a little bit.

My goal for the remainder of the week is to practice, practice, practice. I want to be able to do the move with my eyes closed.


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