From Sight of Hand to Sleight of Hand – Day One of Becoming Magical

This week I began to practice learning close-up Magic for my EDTC 300 learning project. The experience is very different from any other school project I have ever done. So far, the experience feels more similar to practicing an instrument than to doing an assignment. The difference is refreshing, as this course if part of my final semester in my pursuit of an Education Degree.

I begin this journey to tap into the wonders of illusion with what is perhaps the simplest magic trick ever. A trick renowned by many a child as a special adult in their lives makes a coin disappear, and then suddenly reappear. As i practice, I am impressed by the dedication to the trick anyone who ever performed it for me must have had to pursue it. The technique is simple, but difficult to perform naturally. I found myself in front of the bathroom mirror, practicing it over and over without it looking very convincing. But I am not dismayed, rather I am convinced that this task will make for a worthwhile project.

The medium with which I am learning about the trick is YouTube. I watched a few videos by various youtubers but found this video to be the easiest to follow, whilst being brief enough that it could be viewed multiple times efficiently. The youtuber, who goes by the screenname TheRussianGenius, uses very clear and precise language as well as a variety of speeds when performing the trick. He also uses  a camera angle very similar to what you would be seeing as you are performing the trick.

My goal for the upcoming week is to be able to perform this trick convincingly enough to fool someone, or at least amuse them. At this moment I intend to move to card tricks as my fingers become more dexterous.

That’s about all there is to say at the moment. I am excited to see where this goes.

Bye for now.

Jonah Norman-Gray


4 thoughts on “From Sight of Hand to Sleight of Hand – Day One of Becoming Magical

  1. Hi Jonah, I’m so excited to see that you chose to focus on magic for your learning project, a very neat idea that I would never have thought of. Good work of linking to the YouTube video and channel that you found useful, it makes for an interactive blog post. I look forward to following your progress, Happy Learning!


  2. That’s really cool! I love watching sleight of hand magic. I feel like this is a great crowd-pleasing skill to pick should the need ever arise, although I’m not sure what situation you may find yourself in that you need magic to entertain, but. Definitely excited to see a performance once you’ve become a master!


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