Jonah’s Blogs: Blights, Blahs, or Blessings?

Create an introductory blog post that tells the class a little about who you are and your experiences with educational technology. Give us some of your thoughts on blogging (even if you are a reluctant blogger!). Include at least one relevant image with proper attribution (unless personally owned) as well as at least one link to something or someone (e.g. could be to your Twitter profile).

Who is this Jonah guy anyway? Pull up a chair and I’ll introduce you to, well, me!

 This is me in 2017 (with exponentially more hair). At this point in my life, my relationship with technology was almost exclusively entertainment-based. Technology as an educational tool was something I had hoped to explore, but had not at this time looked too far into it. These days, I have been exposed to dozens of different devices, programs, and uses for technology that it will take a long time to experiment and pair down what works for me. A process I am excited to undertake.

I am by no means a blogger, though I am excited to explore the potential. Over the years I have tried many times to keep a journal, or start a blog, but I have had much difficulty keeping up with it. I like the idea, and enjoy reading and following the written words of other people but have difficulty expressing myself in this format. I think it stems from my desire to share my stories and experiences face-to-face. Recently however, I have been considering the benefit for myself of maintaining blogs, professional and otherwise, so that i may capture my experiences and opinions in my own words for future consumption without the distortion of nostalgia.

As I explore and insert myself into the world of internet journalling, I will update this post with other ways to view and interact with me and my online content.

Twitter: @NonWhaleJonah

Until next time,

Remember to get enough sleep everyone.


2 thoughts on “Jonah’s Blogs: Blights, Blahs, or Blessings?

  1. I too struggled when I first started blogging. My problem seemed to be that I didnt know how to transfer my thoughts into coherent words that made sense when I put them online. But honestly after a few years of practicing I feel much better about it. In fact even after just one semester I felt much better. One thing I still forget to do often is categorize my post.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts throughout the semester


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